Duration of the event

about 5-6 hours

Just arrived in Benidorm and don't know where the best party places are? It is time to find out during the Benidorm Smashed Bar Crawl. With 5-6 hours of partying you are sure to find a place you love.

A typical bar crawl usually consists of a few people and one guide checking out a few bars and having a shot in each. But this is a whole new experience that will make your hunt for the best bar so much more fun.

With about 100 fun-loving people also looking to have an amazing time the mood is just right for a party. When you add alcohol to the mix it promises to be a wild evening.

There will be about 8 guides taking care of the whole group and making the evening even more entertaining with fun games and dares. So don't hesitate to join in.

A free shot in each bar is a certainty during each bar crawl and this one is no different. Find out what the locals like to drink or order your old-time favorite.

Don't miss out on the biggest party in town that will help you find not only the perfect places to party but also amazing people to party with.

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